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The Athabasca mill completed in 2006, became the largest continuous OSB press in North America, and the only continuous press in North America that produces OSB and LSL on the same line. This was a major accomplishment for Tolko. After two years of construction, production began in 2008, however, the unprecedented economic downturn forced Tolko to close during commissioning in 2009. Five years later, in 2014, Tolko reopened Athabasca and it is still running strong today, employing 188 workers. In 2017, Athabasca won the Employer of the Year award in Slave Lake, giving us one more reason to be proud of this division.

The Lighting Summary

Tolko Industries have been a leader is safety and environmental legislation and regulations. Lumisave has worked closely with the Tolko Slave Lake team to help them to optimize safety on their sites by improving lighting levels while cutting down on light pollution and also operating costs. Our lights typically last up to 70% longer than the lights they were using before, and they use less energy as well. Our lighting has helped Tolko to ensure the safety of their employees by providing much better and more even light in dangerous locations.

The Lighting Solution

Lumisave provided various fixture types ranging from our BL550 Series to our FL550 Series. By providing a comprehensive lighting studies for Tolko, Lumisave was able to identify the optimal fixtures to replace the existing H.I.D Lighting with minimal installation changes.


Through the completion of the lighting project Tolko has seen the following benefits:

  • Improved safe lighting levels.
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption when comparing Lumisave’s LED solution to traditional H.I.D lighting.
  • 100% reduction in scheduled lighting maintenance, when compared to traditional H.I.D lighting.
  • 100% worker satisfaction and feedback.

Tolko Slave Lake – Case Study 

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