Global Supply Chain Update

Managing the challenges of the Global Supply Chain

This Fall, we have all seen news reports on the challenges and delays in the global supply chain. Most recently the flooding in the BC lower mainland has added to these challenges with the closure of road and rail routes. We have had enquires from a number of customers asking how this issue is affecting Lumisave and ultimately their ability to procure lights in a timely manner.

Lumisave, like every other company has experienced these issues. We are pleased to share with you however, that we have been able to mitigate these effects to a large extent by placing orders for our lighting materials, last summer in anticipation of increased demand this Fall. Today we have a robust supply of materials and products to carry us into 2022 as shown in the photo of our warehouse below.

As a result of having inventory in stock we are able to maintain our typical lead time of 2 weeks on orders from you, our customer.

We will continue to manage our inventory to ensure we can meet your needs in a timely manner.