CST Coal – Grande Cache




CST Coal is located 20 km of Grande Cache, Alberta. As shown on the map below this is about ½ way between Prince George, BC and Edmonton, Alberta. In July 2018 CST, acquired the assets of Grande Cache Coal. The mine is both an open pit and underground operation mining metallurgical coal. It is currently estimated to have an operational life for another 20 years. In December 2021, the company announced it was resuming operations at the No. 8 surface operation with the processing plant starting up again returning from a maintenance mode caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

The Lighting Summary

CST Coal have been a leader is safety and environmental legislation and regulations. Lumisave has worked closely with the CST Coal team to help them to optimize safety on their sites by improving lighting levels while cutting down on light pollution and operating costs. Our lights typically last up to 70% longer than the lights they were using before, and they use less energy as well. Our lighting has helped CST Coal to ensure the safety of their employees by providing much better and more even light in dangerous locations.

The Lighting Solution

Lumisave provided various fixture types ranging from our BL550 Series to our FL550 Series. By providing a comprehensive lighting study for CST Coal, Lumisave was able to identify the optimal fixtures to replace the existing H.I.D Lighting with minimal installation changes.


Through the completion of the lighting project CST Coal has seen the following benefits:

• Improved safe lighting levels.
• 70% reduction in energy consumption when comparing Lumisave’s LED solution to traditional H.I.D lighting.
• 100% reduction in scheduled lighting maintenance,
when compared to traditional H.I.D lighting.
• 100% worker satisfaction and feedback.

CST Coal – Case Study