Company History

Our experience with lighting is an on-going story.

With LED lighting advancements being made at such a steady pace, Lumisave prides itself on being a part of the LED lighting revolution from its early stages.

Our story starts in 2009, with LED lighting in its infancy there was a gap within the local market to provide high-quality Industrial grade lighting solutions for the toughest of environments. Not only were the prospects of LED’s longer life cycles appealing to the industrial sector, the added safety components including better quality light, durability, and instant-on capabilities appealed to our local industries.

Started by a group of Electricians who had vast experience within the various industrial sectors of Northern British Columbia (Some of the harshest winter conditions) Lumisave was born. The products that we provide our customers have been designed specifically to fit the needs of our customers. By working closely over the years with industry leaders we have been able to advance our product offerings to fill the needs of the toughest environments.

Since our inception in 2009 Lumisave has expanded its manufacturing and R&D facilities in Prince George, British Columbia. Our dedicated team continues to grow providing sales & technical representation nation-wide.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working closely with some of the largest companies in North America to provide Industrial lighting solutions that have challenged our team to continually innovate and provide unique solutions.

From these humble beginnings, Lumisave Industrial LED Technologies was born. Our story continues to be defined by the communities and people we have the pleasure of working with, As Lumisave grows so does the commitment to a greener more economical source of lighting for our partners.

Today we continue to provide innovative LED Lighting solutions for a growing number of applications. We plan to keep pushing the boundaries of LED lighting and working closely with our customers to set new standards.

Be a part of our story.