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Cenovus Christina Lake

Cenovus Energy Inc. is a large scale integrated energy company and an industry leader. Their Christina Lake project is one of the most efficient SAGD facilities in the industry. As the Christina Lake project continued to grow, it’s no surprise that an industry leader in the energy field started looking for options to optimize their lighting on-site.  Energy savings wasn’t their only priority when looking at LED Lighting, Cenovus wanted to insure they were doing their part to reduce environmental impacts of light pollution on the environment.

The Lighting Summary

The Lighting Project for Christina Lake Phase 1F was designed by ABB in partnership with Lumisave, implementing the use of LED lighting to reduce energy usage and light pollution. The benefits of LED lighting used for this project can be widely seen in relation to energy savings, lighting quality, reduced maintenance and reduced effects on wildlife. By comparing LED lighting with HPS you are able to achieve better lighting levels with fewer energy costs. When placing these factors as a priority in the design for this project it is evident that LED lighting is the clear choice for an environmentally conscious client such as Cenovus.

The Lighting Solution

Lumisave implemented a wide range of LED lighting projects across the scope of this project. By working closely with ABB and Cenovus the lighting types that were in place for previous use were all able to be identified and replaced with a high efficiency LED solution. The BL420, BL520, FL390 & FL360 series products were utilized across this project to achieve the goals set out for the lighting.


Through the completion of the lighting project on various phases of the Christina Lake Project, Cenovus has seen the following benefits:

  • Improved safety and safe lighting levels for all areas of work.
  • 80% reduction in light pollution adhering to dark sky compliance.
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption when comparing Lumisave’s LED solution to traditional H.I.D lighting.
  • 100% reduction in scheduled lighting maintenance, when compared to traditional H.I.D lighting.