Endako Mining Project


  Heavy Industrial


The Endako Mine is a primary, surface molybdenum mine located near Fraser Lake, 100 miles northwest of Prince George, British Columbia. The Endako Mine is a fully integrated facility that began operations in 1965. It includes a concentrator that processes ore through crushing, grinding, and flotation circuits into molybdenum disulfide concentrate, and a multiple-hearth roasting facility that converts the concentrate into technical grade molybdenum oxide.

The Lighting Summary

Endako Mines has been able to comply with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. Our lights have helped them to cut down on light pollution and also operating costs. Our lights typically last from 50-60% longer than the lights they were using before, and they use less energy as well. Our lighting has helped Endako Mines to ensure the safety of their employees by providing much better and more even light in dangerous locations.

The Lighting Solution

Lumisave provided various fixture types ranging from our Flood to Bay Light Series. By providing a comprehensive lighting study for Endako, Lumisave was able to identify the optimal fixtures to replace the existing H.I.D Lighting with minimal installation changes.


Through the completion of the lighting project Endako has seen the following benefits:

  • Improved safe lighting levels.
  • 70% reduction in energy consumption when comparing Lumisave’s LED solution to traditional H.I.D lighting.
  • 100% reduction in scheduled lighting maintenance, when compared to traditional H.I.D lighting.
  • 80% reduction in Dark Sky Light Pollution.