Target Lights for Winter Games Archery

The 2015 Winter Games will be held in Prince George in February 2015 and Lumisave is a part of several of the events. We’ll be supplying our 520 Series LED Bay Lights for the PG Curling Rink, the 360-380 Flood lights for the Archery that will be happening at the Northern Sports Centre, and the Otway Nordic Ski Centre will be using our 520-500w Lights on the track and FL225-30w lights to illuminate the shooting range target area.

The Northern Sports Centre hosted an Archery test event on May 17th 2014 where we tested the target flood lights. The competitors for the event could see a very noticeable difference in the targets when the FL-360 lights were turned on. See below for the “on” and “off” photos.

Before and after (or on and off) photos of the FL-360 flood lights used to illuminate the targets at the Archery competition at the Northern Sports Centre