Lighting Applications

Lumisave produces the highest quality light :LED lighting. There are various reasons why lighting is so important, each reason as unique as our clients. We have worked with mining companies, industrial companies, commercial companies, sporting venues, the private sector, office buildings and more.

Our largest clients have teamed up with us to make us the leader in industrial LED lighting applications in North America. Industrial lighting is particularly important because lighting ensures the safety of the people working in and around it. Lumisave is proud to say that we believe we save lives! Not only are we keeping workers safer, we’re helping the environment because LED lighting reduces light pollution by up to 40%. When light pollution is reduced, we all win. We have a diverse range of products appealing to the industrial sector; bay lights, flood lights, street lights and stanchion mounts for all of them. Our Bay lighting is second to none and you can find examples of bay lighting in almost every one of our portfolio catalogs. Our lights are far superior for industrial applications because they are resistant to humidity and so tolerant to high vibration, dust and cold they’re nearly indestructible. If our products do happen to break we have the most comprehensive warranty of all our competitors. We can deliver anywhere in North America within 2 work weeks guaranteed (but we often ship much faster than that).

Our commercial lighting clients also love us. We make stores luminous, bright, cheerful and pleasant to be in. Customers whom are happy tend to shop longer. We’re sure you can do the math there! Our lighting always showcases merchandise the best way possible; with even, consistent light that turns on  instantly!!

Sporting venues are always quite pleased after we install our products. Players and spectators agree that everything is easier to see and watch with proper lighting. LED lighting ensures that the light is even and shadow free.

We have composed a portfolio for you to browse which exemplifies our strengths, abilities and ingenuity.