New Industrial LED Chip – 20% Brighter

We have an exciting announcement for all of our Industrial LED Lights!

In March of 2015, all of our models of lights* will be shipping with new LED chip that is 20% brighter and runs 10% cooler than the previous model!

We’re very excited to begin installing the new lights for our various clients. These multi-chip LED lights take up the same amount of space as the last models, but are brighter and more resilient to vibration and extreme temperatures. They also have a more consistent colour temperature.

* The FL225 Flood Light and the SL760 Street Light will not be upgraded at this time.

Samsung Chips

Why Samsung?

After many months of testing 4 different Industrial LED chips, we settled on Samsung chips because they were able to provide a higher light output, running at a lower temperature, and with more consistent colour than any of the other chips we tested.

The Future

Using new chips on almost all of our current products is just the beginning. We’ve got more big announcements coming very soon! Here’s a sneak peak:

Industrial LED Lighting - Lumisave