Halo Lighting


HALO was developed in the year 2010 as a highly specialized LED strip lighting system which was designed to thrive in the harshest environments on earth and under the earth where all other lighting systems fail; every aspect of the design, component & functionality of HALO was meticulously considered & professionally engineered to realize this premium lighting system without equal in the anywhere in the world.

Originally designed for use in underground mines, HALO can function optimally in high moisture & high ambient temperatures conditions, withstanding rugged handling and continuously on and never switching off; its tested and proven success in this most destructive environment clearly defines it as a market leader in all genres including residential, architectural, commercial, industrial, mining, marine, submarine, military and any other application where lighting may be required.

The HALO 2nd Generation product line launched in the year 2017 deemed the “Constellation Series”, is a masterpiece of technology and functionality, boasting massive leaps forward in every aspect which made the 1st Generation so successful, and boldly overcoming the challenges encountered through years of in the field testing at diverse and challenging installations around the world, it is “the evolution of illumination” with massive improvements in every facet including technology, performance, functionality and affordability and quite simply in a class of it’s own.



As Lumisave’s focus has been within providing industry leading lighting solutions to various heavy industrial industries for both general and hazardous location applications, a synergistic relationship has formed. Lumisave is able to provide it’s existing and future customer base with a wide ranging product line focused on the same core principles Lumisave has been founded upon.

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