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Universal Mount

Lumisave Universal Mount ™

Lumisave has developed a unique Universal Mount suitable for any application or hazardous location. Our heavy duty mount can easily hold our heaviest Bay Light units while providing a chainable wiring connection that can have dry, wet, or hazloc connections. The UMS is intended to replace all existing Wall-Mount and Stanchion-Mount applications currently in place. The 3 section design allows for a straight (0°) or angled (22.5°) mounting by simply turning the center wiring compartment 180° at time of installation. With the addition of a wiring compartment located on the body of the mount, this allows for improved convenience of installation and maintenance. The 5 point ¾” NPT wiring access points on the wall mount base allow for multiple Dry/Wet location wiring types and configurations including Teck Cable, BX cable, EMT and Rigid conduit.

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    • Wall Mounted Straight Connection with Threaded Connector
    • Wall Mounted Angled Connection With Threaded Connector
    • Wiring Configuration Access Point
Lumisave Universal Mount - Stanchion Mount with Angled Connector and Industrial LED Bay Light

1.5″ Threaded Stanchion Mount

Lumisave Universal Mount - Straight With Stanchion Mount

Anodized Exterior: Durable and Corrosion-Resistant


Wiring Configuration Access Point

The junction body allows the wall mount or stanchion mount to be installed and pre-wired separately prior to the light fixture being installed and wired to the system. The wall mount eliminates the need for additional junction boxes.

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LED Bay Light Universal Mount with Dry Connection

Dry Connection

LED Bay Light Universal Mount with Wet Connection

Wet Connection

LED Bay Light Universal Mount with Hazloc Connection

Hazloc Connection

LED Bay Light Universal Mount with Chainable Conections
Wiring is chainable to eliminate additional wiring and use legacy high voltage circuits.

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