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Lumisave Advantages

Our General and Hazardous Location LED lighting products have an 80,000+ hour lifespan, output of 150 lumens per watt, run on 110v to 48v AC voltages, and have a 5 Year full replacement Warranty. These rugged outdoor lights can provide up to 70% energy efficiency and are assembled, tested and certified in our local facility.

Lumisave assembles LED fixtures and tests before shipment.

Production & quality control completed at Lumisave’s local manufacturing facility

Every single fixture manufactured at Lumisave is tested and must pass through the Quality Assurance Programer. Having a human point of contact is something we pride ourselves in.

All Fixture components are tested to certified standards at the manufacturing facility

Each component tested must meet the high standards set forth by the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboritories). Our technicians review all components to ensure compliance and accuracy.

We are certified to CSA and UL standards through ETL.

Testing Components

Chip has 80,000 Hours+ lifespan*

Our LED lights last up to 50,000 hrs. longer than most fluorescent lights. They have reduced overall maintenance costs. The reliability of LED lighting is also greater than that of florescent or incandescent; LED’s don’t tend to “burn out” they grow gradually dimmer near the end of their lives, providing ample time for replacement when necessary. They are certified for Hazardous locations but are great for any location.

*80,000 hours pertains to the LED still performing at least at 70% of it’s initial lumens.

Chip produces 150 lumens per watt

While providing the same luminosity, LEDs use considerably less wattage than CFLs or incandescent lighting. This means big savings for your pocket book.



150 Lumens per Watt

Lumisave LED Flood Light

Available in AC voltages from 110V to 480V

We know your needs are specific, so we’re specific too. We can provide the standard driver 110-277 volt AC covering the standard voltage 120, 208, 240, and 277. We can also provide 374v and 480v upon request. Please, if you have unique needs, contact us.

Hazardous location certification for Class I, Div2 and Class II, Div2

All Lumisave fixtures certified for hazardous location are built for Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D and Class II Division 2 Group F & G.

Lumisave Warehouse Storage LED Lighting

Lumisave Industrial LED Lights - Rugged, Outdoor, Weather-Proof

Rugged, outdoor, weather-proof design

For all those hard to reach spots, the careless employees and the bitter weather of the unforgiving North. Lumisave’s unique and innovative designs allow for multiple mounting options, including but not limited to; magnetic mounting and stanchion mounts. Our LED fixtures are resistant to extreme heat and cold, high dust and humidity lending them to almost any conditions possible.

Full 5 Year replacement warranty

Lumisave has the best warranty in our industry. We stand behind our products. Read more here.

Lumisave Boxes LED Lights

Up to 70% energy usage reduction

Compared with incandescent or compact florescent lighting, LED lighting is extremely efficient. There are many sources of information out there and by doing a little bit of research it’s pretty easy to see that LEDs come out on top!